Sunday, July 19, 2009


Today I saw a sneak peak of the upcoming sequel:

"Eating Out 3: All You Can Eat"

Directed by Glenn Gaylord

"Eating Out 3: All You Can Eat" is latest in the continuing series of the apparently successful sex comedy, "Eating Out". This time we find slutty Tiffani (Rebekah Kochan from the previous two films) befriending Aunt Helen's (Mink Stole) latest nephew, Casey (Daniel Skelton) who she meets at Helen's previous nephew's funeral. Casey is new to town so Tiffani is the perfect person to show him around. Casey meets and falls head over heels for the hot, Zack (Chris Salvatore). Casey is too shy and doesn't think he is hot enough for Zack. Oh, Zack also has a hunky boyfriend but Tiffani tells him that's no big deal.

Tiffani comes up with the brilliant plan to create a fake online profile using the face of her previous boyfriend to win Zack over. She thinks it's better to lie upfront and deal with the truth later after he gets to know the guy in the fake profile. Zack in very interested in the man in the profile and Casey woos him some fancy words. Casey also finds out Zack dumped his hunky boyfriend after deciding he wants more than just a guy with a sexy body.

Casey is all set to tell Zack the truth when Tiffani's ex boyfriend, Ryan just happens to be at the bar. Zack assumes that Ryan is his Internet friend and Ryan goes along to get back at Tiffani and they set up a date. Ryan meets at Zack's place for their date but can't go through with it since he is a straight guy who also happens to be a stripper who strips for gay men. Casey shows up and Ryan spills the beans on the Internet deception.

OOH! Zack is so mad and kicks them both out of his house. Casey must think of a way to win Zack back and lucky for him, he's got Tiffani and Ryan to help him out. I won't spoil the ending for anyone but I will say that everybody cums together in the end.

I hadn't seen the first "Eating Out" but I saw the first sequel at Outfest about two years ago. I was not impressed and didn't think it all that funny. I didn't think it was possible but this one is even worse. This film is littered with lame, tasteless and just bad jokes and I wouldn't want to insult any real thespians by calling any of these young, pretty people in the film "actors".

The thing I'm most offended about this film is how poor Leslie Jordan (from "Will & Grace" and a real comedian) is completely wasted in this mess. I have to admit that the audience I watched this with loved this film and laughed all the way through it, so perhaps it's just something I'm not getting. So if you loved the previous two films and you love cheap, lousy jokes and very attractive, bad actors, then "Eating Out 3" is perfect for you.