Sunday, July 19, 2009


STAR SIGHTINGS: Rutger Hauer and Bai Ling

Uh... no comment.

Tonight I saw the drama:

"The End Of Love" (2009)

Written & Directed by Simon Chung

The story takes place in Hong Kong and it is about a young man named Ming who works in a clothing store. He meets an older man named Yen there and decides to take him home for a quickie. He's not concerned about his mother coming home because she is out playing Mah-Jong. She, of course, comes home early and catches them in the act. A dramatic argument ensues which causes Ming to storm out of the house. His mother is so distraught and ashamed that she ends her life.

Ming moves in with a friend. Ming's friend soon introduces him in to his world of drugs and prostitution. At the same time, Ming has been dating Yen and wants to move in with him but Yen is not ready for such a commitment. This rejection causes Ming to move further in to the life of a rent boy. Yen becomes suspicious when Ming becomes distant and comes up with lame excuses to take off during their time together.

After following Ming to a hotel, Yen confronts him which leads to the end of their relationship. Ming continues on with his new lifestyle until it is abruptly ended by a knock on the door by the police. An anonymous tip told them there would be drugs in their apartment which, of course, were found.

Ming is sent to a Christian rehabilitation center. He rebels against the system but is helped by a kind, young man who helps steer Ming back in to a clean life. Ming develops a crush on the man but he is straight. After Ming is released. he goes to live with the young man and his girlfriend. But this girl is nothing but trouble and she helps guide Ming back in to his previous life style. More tragedy is soon to follow.

"The End of Love" is pretty much not more than a soap opera but I thought it is well written and very entertaining.