Sunday, July 19, 2009


"Make A Date"

"Falling For Caroline"

"Butthole Lickin"
Tonight I saw a collection of lesbian shorts entitled "Heavy Petting".There were a total of seven films and the best by far was also the shortest.

With a running time of five minutes was "Butthole Lickin" directed by Kanako Wynkoop and it's title says it all. It's about a couple of ladies enjoying the act and after the one going down comes up for a kiss, she is rebuffed. The rest of the film is the hilarious discussion on why she can't kiss her and how they might solve this problem.

"Falling for Caroline" directed by Christine Chew is about a shy and awkward young lady who meets the title character in a video store and her clumsy attempts to sweep her off her feet. The short is cute but the film and the humor feels too much like a sitcom for my taste.

"Make A Mate" directed by Jennifer Jordan Day is a strange looking stop action animated film about a female going to a store and selecting all the qualities to mix together and create the perfect partner. Clever idea but if there had been more money to use to create the characters and sets, it would have made a much stronger film.

The other films were pleasant but didn't really leave me with much of an impression.