Thursday, September 17, 2009


Written by Richard Eyre & Charles Wood

Directed by Richard Eyre

Where & When: The Landmark, West Los Angeles, CA. September 16, 2009, 5:30PM

"The Other Man" has an impressive cast and is directed by the creator of one of my favorite films of 2006, "Notes From A Scandal". Unfortunately, this film is lifeless and tedious.

This is the story of Peter (Liam Neeson), a successful web designer and his wife of 30 years, Lisa (Laura Linney) who is a successful shoe designer who appear to be the perfect couple with the perfect life. At dinner one evening, Lisa asks her husband if two people can stay together for the rest of their lives. He believes that they can if they are truly in love. She then asks him if has ever thought of having an affair. Surprised by the question, he tells her he has not. I found it strange that he didn't think it wasn't at least a little suspicious of what her motivation was in asking him about fidelity. Shortly after the conversation, Lisa seems to have disappeared and Peter is distraught. First he hears a message from a man on Lisa's cell phone saying that he can't wait to see her. This leads him to do some investigating. While going through Lisa's computer, he discovers a locked file. He struggles to figure out the passcode and when he finally cracks the code, he is shocked to discover pictures of his wife romantically involved with another man.

Now, Peter's only focus is to find out who this man is. This finally sends him to Milan, where he arranges to meet his wife's lover. Peter is disgusted to see that the man is a charming and attractive man named Ralph, (Antonio Banderas) who goes by the pronunciation "Rafe". Peter had found out where he lives and follows him to a cafe and they meet through a game of chess. This gives Peter an opportunity to question Ralph and to get answers on his involvement with his wife. This leads to a sort of friendship between the two men but this doesn't change Peter's feelings of revenge against his rival.

There is a twist ending that is supposed to be shocking but is neither shocking nor does it add anything of interest to this plodding film. I was actually annoyed when this was revealed because I felt cheated. I can't believe I sat through all of this pointless nonsense. "The Other Man" was very disappointing, considering all of the talented people involved. Do not waste any of your valuable time sitting through this.