Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Written by Charlie Peters

Directed by Richard Loncraine

Where & When: The Landmark, West Los Angeles, CA September 2, 2009, 4:50PM

As summer is winding down, we are now approaching fall which means we are in for an insane traffic pile up of well intentioned, high brow and Oscar hungry films. "My One and Only" happens to be released in between seasons and it was a wise move because this sweet, little movie would surely had been lost in either the summer or autumn. Although, I don't know how many people are really going to get an opportunity to see this in the theaters, but if you can... go.

Renee Zellweger plays southern belle, Ann Deveraux who has returned home early from her trip from someplace grand. Her husband, Dan (Kevin Bacon) a musician, is caught in the middle of entertaining a young lady in their bedroom. Not one to make a scene, she calmly packs her bags and leaves the philanderer. She retrieves her two sons, George (Logan Lerman) her handsome child with Dan and Robbie (Mark Rendall) her effeminate son from a previous marriage and sets off to start a new life in a new city.

After emptying her safety deposit box and buying a new car, the trio sets off for Boston. Ann is in hot pursuit of a new husband and Robbie dreams of becoming an actor. George just want to go back home and get back to their life in New York.

Boston turns out to be a bust and the next stop is Philadelphia. Once there, Ann meets Dr. Harlan Williams (Chris Noth). He has a habit of wearing a military uniform all the time but despite that, Ann thinks he could be a potential new husband. He turns out to violent psychopath and they quickly depart the city of brotherly love.

With money running low, Ann reluctantly heads to Missouri to stay with her judgmental sister, Hope and her husband. Ann's attempt at working as a waitress fails miserably. She is much more of a person that people serve, not the other way around.

Ann makes the decision to move to California as an opportunity for Robbie's career. George has had it and refuses to move again. He asks to stay with his Aunt Hope and she agrees. An argument ensues and Ann and Robbie head off without George. Will the family be reunited and will George ultimately have fun in the sun?

This film is loosely based on the life of the sun kissed actor, George Hamilton. It seems like the kind of story that could only happen to an actor. "My One and Only" is slight and frothy but it is fun, well made and good performances by all involved. This film is also littered with cameos by actors better known on television including Steven Weber and Eric McCormack.

Ms Zellweger may certainly be an acquired taste and definitely not come to mind when you see the words "MOVIE STAR" but she is very good as the loving but self involved mother. She has always has been a charming and appealing performer and this is one of her better films. This film is a nice way to end the summer before heading in to the serious nature of the fall.

One more thing, I have no idea what this movie's title has to do with this film. There is no reference to it in the film at all. I guess they just thought it was just catchy or they couldn't come up with anything better (my opinion).