Wednesday, February 24, 2016


The first Coen Brothers movie I ever saw was "Raising Arizona" way back in 1987. It featured rising star Nicolas Cage as an ex-con and introduced Holly Hunter in her first major role as a cop. They're in love but unable to have children so they decide to steal one of the quintuplets of a wealthy mogul. This fast-paced comedy was delightfully quirky and unexpectedly fresh. After "Arizona", I eagerly anticipated the brothers' films as I knew I would be in for a different kind of cinematic experience.

What I love about the Coen brothers is that they never seemed overly concerned about commercial appeal or big box office. They make distinctive dramas and comedies with stories that interested them. While a core group of art-house fans could be counted on to turn out to the theaters to catch their movies, every once and while, a wider audience would respond to them as well. Now some of the films have worked better than others. With the release of their latest, "Hail, Caesar!", New York magazine has taken a look at all of the Coen brothers seventeen films and have ranked them from least successful to their very best.

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Every Coen Brothers Movie Ranked From Worst To Best