Tuesday, May 16, 2017


With the release of the comedy, "Snatched" this past weekend, Goldie Hawn has made a very welcome return to film after a fifteen year hiatus. The seventy-one year old actress first became noticed in the late '60's on the sketch-comedy show, "Laugh-In" before branching out to the movies and earning an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress with her first major film, 1969's "Cactus Flower" and later appearing in such films as "Shampoo", "Overboard", "Death Becomes Her", "First Wives Club" and one of her biggest hits and career-defining character, "Private Benjamin". Hawn began her path as a performer with a giggly, dumb blonde persona before shedding that to take on roles that were far more complex and tenacious.

While it is wonderful that Goldie Hawn has come back to acting, "Snatched" is hardly the best vehicle to showcase her gifts. So Vulture has made a rundown of the twenty-eight feature films the actress has made to date and selected her ten best screen roles.

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10 Best Goldie Hawn Movie Roles