Monday, February 20, 2017


I love a good surprise. Especially when it comes to the Oscars. After a seemingly endless series of prizes given out to the same winners during movie award season, I truly enjoy the shock when the heavily favored winner fails to hear their name called and another person is announced to come up to accept the Oscar.

Now this doesn't happen nearly as often as I would like but a few upsets have occurred over the last eighty-eight Academy Awards. Business Insider has went and ranked the twenty biggest Oscar upsets in history. Looking over the list, it reminded me of some of my favorite moments like Adrien Brody being the unlikely Best Actor winner in 2003 and planting that big, wet kiss on presenter, Halle Berry and when "Crash" beat "Brokeback Mountain" for the 2006 Best Picture which was actually not a good surprise.

Anyway, here's to an unpredictable Oscar night and let's hope for the highly elusive tie.

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20 Biggest Oscar Upsets of All-Time