Tuesday, August 16, 2016


With the recent release of "Florence Foster Jenkins", New York magazine has decided to go back and rank all of the feature film work of one of the screen's greatest performers, Meryl Streep. While some may feel she is highly overrated and over-praised, there is no denying that when this talented actress is in the right role and paired with the right director, the results are a breathtaking and magical cinematic experience.

It's hard to say that Ms Streep has ever given a truly bad performance as she remains fully committed and always fascinating to watch no matter how difficult the film might be to sit through. But not all are of her acting performances are created equal with some clearly better than others.

Take a look at this run-through of all of her appearances to date and remember it's ranking is based strictly upon her work, not the film as a whole.  As I went over this list, I'm amazed that I've seen forty-one of these forty-three films (and it will be forty-two once I get out to see "Florence"). Some of these movies I had forgotten about (most for a good reason) and I probably would have rearranged the order of a few of these but overall, this is a fascinating examination of the film career of this gifted acting chameleon.

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All 43 Meryl Streep Movie Performances Ranked Worst To Best