Monday, June 16, 2014


It's almost that time again for the Outfest Film Festival. This celebration of cinema that explores the lives of the LGBT communities will begin on July 10th and continue on through July 20th. As ususal, there will be a fascinating slate of films from around the globe.

The opening night presentation will be "Life Partners", the debut feature from director, Susanna Fogel and will screen at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles. This comedy tells the story of two close friends (Leighton Meester from TV's "Gossip Girl" and Gillian Jacobs from "Community") who realize that the longest relationship they have ever had is with each other. To remedy this situation, they both decide to explore internet dating with some interesting results. Adam Brody, Kate McKinnon from "SNL" and Gabourey Sidibe also star.

The closing night film at the Ford Amphitheatre is "Space Station 76", the first film written and directed by comic actor, Jack Plotnick ("Girls Will Be Girls"). This spoof of '70's sci-fi tells the story of the crew of a space station, lead by a closeted captain (Patrick Wilson), that is shaken-up by the arrival of a new female member (Liv Tyler) which sets off this wild and wacky romp.

In between, there are Centerpiece screenings with documentary ("My Prairie Home"), U.S. dramatic feature("Appropriate Behavior") and two international ("The Way He Looks", "Lilting") films being represented.

The festival also has a series entitled "Provocateurs" which is a collection of films that looks in to the lives of early pioneers who were fearless and outspoken with their desire to break the long-standing rules of society. These figures include filmmakers Bruce Labruce and Wakefield Poole, scholar, José Esteban Muñoz, performance artist, Kate Bornstein and feminist writer, Susan Sontag.

Tickets are on sale now. For the complete list of films and venues, please go to: