Friday, January 7, 2011


I've been struggling with whether to put "Inception" and "Black Swan" on my list of least favorite films. While I definitely had problems with both films, neither film is truly bad, as far as what my definition of what a bad film is. While I truly appreciate that these two Hollywood films were fresh ideas that feature innovative film making, challenging stories and terrific performances but both were also convoluted, pretentious and self-indulgent. I certainly don't think neither film deserves all this overblown praise and award recognition that they have been receiving during award season but they are still worth seeing. I still don't know what to make of those films but here is a list of films from last year that I had no such dilemma over:


This is a Hollywood remake of an French film whose plot would only seem logical. . . in France. A long married woman hires a hooker to try and seduce her husband to see if he will be faithful. Not only are Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore wasted in this pointless film but so is the time of the audience.


Another unnecessary remake of the cheesy toga and sandals flick that has managed to make the original seem like a masterpiece but the worst offense this film made is that it was a 3D film that had barely any visible 3D effects. After this rip-off, I refuse to see anymore live-action 3D films.


I really hate to put this film on the list because I am such a huge fan of the television show but "Sex 2" is so overblown and over-the-top that it completely lost track of the simple pleasures of the show that made it so much fun.


I disliked everything about this film starting from the performances, to the script and the direction but most especially Julianna Margulies' hairdo.


This is the very disappointing, sort of sequel to a great art-house dark comedy, "Happiness" (1998) that not only came out over ten years too late but is unstructured, unfocused and unfunny.


Could it be possible to have a thriller about an assassin for hire on his last job plus have George Clooney in the lead be such a deadly bore? I am afraid so, as "The American" is the cinematic equivalent of watching paint dry.