Monday, April 27, 2009


I woke up one day last week and decided I wanted to write a blog. A blog about movies.

I go to the movies at least three times a week, so why not write what I think about them.

Before I begin, I guess I will tell a little about myself... Not that it's important in regards to this but It may explain where I'm coming from.

1. I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and I was raised in Westland, Michigan.

2. I moved to California in 1988 because I wanted to get far away from Westland, Michigan.

3. I am an art school drop-out.

4. The first movie I remember seeing is "Snow White and the Seven Dwarf's" at a drive-in. I think I was about five years old. I remember the wicked stepmother scaring the hell out of me. I saw the film again recently and she still scares me.

5. I have my mother to thank for my love of movies.

6. I actually don't mind reading subtitles.

7. I have only walked out of a movie twice. I don't remember which movies but I think one of them had Sharon Stone in it. One movie I walked out of only because the person I went with wanted to go. I almost walked out of "Reservoir Dogs" during the ear cutting scene. I was out of my seat and in the aisle but I stayed to the end.

8. I don't mind going to a movie by myself. Sometimes I prefer it.

9. My least favorite film genre is horror. What I really mean is slasher flicks.

10. I've only seen the first "Harry Potter" movie. I didn't mind the movie but I just couldn't bring myself to see the others.